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Protecting Your Land and Chests

protect land protection chest worldguard region claim private permission access
There are various ways to protect your land in GameOn365's Minecraft server, which will prevent other players (aside from the ones you've authorized) from making changes to it.

Claiming a Region
To protect land for yourself, or a group of players, you can claim a region.  At this time, you will need to contact an administrator to claim a region for you.  You can then allow other players to modify blocks in the region by using the /rg addmember <regionName> <playerName> command.

Claiming Land for Factions
See this article for information on how you can claim land for your faction.

Chest Protection
You can protect your chests by placing a sign on them.  If you'd like to give multiple people access to a chest, place a sign on a block next to the chest, and type [Private] on the first line, and player names on the next 3 lines.  You can use multiple signs with this format to give more players access to the chest.  In claimed regions, only players that have been added as an owner or member will be able to access chests by default, so a protection sign is not needed.  If you'd like to give all players on the server access to chests in a claimed region, set the region flag chest-access: allow.  Chest protection in a faction's claimed land is subject to the restrictions in the faction policy.