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VIP Subscriber Benefits

vip subscriber premium benefits bonuses extras subscription features commands
VIP's will receive the following benefits on the GameOn365 Minecraft Server:
  • Two bonus item roll credits for each day you log in (up from one).
  • Ability to join the server even if it is full.
  • Will not be kicked from the server if AFK for an extended period of time.
  • No fees for creating a chest shop.
  • Able to set up to 20 homes.
  • Able to use color codes in chat and on signs.
  • No waiting between teleports.
  • Able to buy all 54 bank chests.
  • Keep your progress towards the next level upon death.
  • Ability to gather all logs from a tree by chopping the bottom log with a gold or diamond axe.
  • Place nether warts in the main world.
  • Ability to use VIP-only classes in certain battlegrounds.
  • Capture villagers, squid, and hostile mobs to receive their spawn eggs.
  • Costs to capture mobs are greatly reduced (approximately 90% less in-game currency and experience per capture).
  • Gain 50% more in-game currency per monster kill.
  • Ability to claim 5 additional plots in the creative world.
  • Ability to use WorldEdit in the creative world.
VIP's will also receive the following new commands:
  • /treeassist toggle -- Enable or disable the above log gathering feature.
  • /mc -- Enable or disable flying on a magic carpet.
  • /fireworks -- Allows you to create an unlimited number of custom fireworks with a simple editor.
  • /top -- Takes you to the very top block at the location you are standing.
  • /hat -- Use the block in your hand as a hat.
  • /stack -- Condense all of a certain item in your inventory (such as swords or armor) into stacks of up to 64.
  • /v -- Access to an uncrafter, workbench, enchanting table, and 10 mobile chests, furnaces, and brewing stands.
  • //help -- Shows all available WorldEdit commands. (Creative world only.)
  • /wt -- Clears your inventory and provides tools for use with WorldEdit. (Creative world only.)
VIP's will also receive the following benefits when interacting with staff members:
  • Priority support -- Your support tickets will be created at the front of the queue.
  • A helping hand when possible -- So long as we're not busy, we'll be happy to help you out with things such as moving buildings/chests.
Do you have a suggestion for new VIP features? Post it in the comments and we'll be sure to review it. Please keep in mind that we will not add features that would give players a direct advantage in combat or the economy.