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User Groups and Ranks

user groups ranks permissions rank group permission default linked member vip premium subscriber ambassador mvp builder moderator admin mod link account promotion demotion administrator senior smod
There are currently 8 user ranks on GameOn365's Minecraft server:
  • @Administrator
  • %Senior Moderator
  • %Moderator
  • +Builder
  • *Ambassador
  • $VIP
  • ^Member
  • 'Linked
  • Default
The group that all players start in.

Linked and Member
You will receive a promotion to these groups when you meet the following requirements:
  • Registered and linked your forum account.
  • Spend at least 16 hours on the server.
You'll get a promotion from either default to linked or linked to member whenever you reach either of these requirements.

You'll automatically be promoted to VIP if you purchase a subscription on the forums.  Once the subscription runs out, your VIP status will be removed.

Ambassadors usually represent a large group of players and have a direct line of contact to the server staff.  All ambassadors are hand-picked by staff, usually because they've invited a lot of other players to the server.

Builders have proven their ability to create astounding structures in the world, and have also proven that they will not abuse their access to creative mode.  Builders are hand-selected by the server staff, based on many factors.

Moderator and Administrator
Players that show an outstanding level of dedication and contribution to the server may be selected for a moderator or administrator position.  Being selected for either of these positions typically requires having been active on the server for multiple months as well.