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battleground battle pvp warhub bg hostile combat zone war
There are various battlegrounds on GameOn365's Minecraft server.  You can access the battlegrounds from the warhub by typing /warhub.  If you need to leave a battle in progress, type /leave and you'll be teleported out and your inventory will be restored.

Selecting a Loadout
When entering a battleground, your inventory is saved, and will be restored when you exit.  There are various loadouts available in the battlegrounds that give you different items, weapons, and armor.  You can change loadouts by sneaking (default key: shift) in your team's spawn point.  You will not be able to change after leaving the spawn.

Urban is a battleground of a run-down city.  As the city is up in flames and surrounded by water, there are a lot of obstacles to avoid walking into, or else you'll end up harming yourself.  There are also various chests, tunnels, and hidden spaces.  Spawn points are two pipes high in the outer walls of the battleground.  There are also two towers that can be strategically used by archers and mages to attack from above.  While on the ground, you'll be in a fog and only able to see a limited distance around you, but you'll be able to see everything from up high in the spawn pipes and towers.