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Sony Next Generation Portable NGP (PSP2)

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Hello everyone,

I think most of you know that Sony will sell a new PSP called NGP : Next Generation Portable.

Posted Image

Posted Image

1. What about the name ?

NGP means "next generation portable". After several years finalizing the concept, NGP's developement began in 2009. This new console was unveiled to public during a press coneference in Tokyo on 01/27/2011. NGP is just a codename and the official name will be reveled during 2011. NGP will be sold at the end of the year.

2. Some specifications :

- Width: 182mm. Depth: 18,6 mm. Height : 83,5mm (same to PSP-3000).

- Super Oval Design for ergonomy and comfort.

- A 5 inches OLED touch screen which offers an amazing quality of image.

- Screen is multitouch and there is a multitouch pad at the back of NGP.

- Classic controls : several buttons and two analogic joysticks

- NGP has got a movement sensor.

3. What about gaming and fun?

- Many great editors : Capcom, Square Enix, Rockstar Games.

- Games announced are : Uncharted, Killzone and WipEout.

- Retro-compatibility with many older PSP games downloaded on Playstation Store.

- Memory card slot for non-downloaded games, demos and add-ons.

- Browser Internet to surf on website and to read emails.

4. What about online?

- Wifi/3G.
- Bluetooth.
- PlayStation Network integrated in NGP which permits to use your PSN account.

5. Additional features :

- Electronic compass
- A camera at the front and at the rear.
- Augmented reality games.
- Microphone for vocal detection.

I bought the first PSP (Fat PSP) and I really enjoyed this product.

I'm really exciting to will buy a NGP in some months.

What do you think about this new console?

Will you buy it or not?


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