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A litle list of online games!

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Hello forum members, here i will present the list of the games i have played and recomend:
Hope you enjoy ;)

Travian: This is a Strategy game, it's free and you can choise for playing in a server or speed...
What is the diferent?
Well, the servers normally take some 9-10 months to end and decide the winner aliance, and the speeds, take like 3-4 months and they have buildong and troops moviments fasters....
Basicly, Speed is really faster then server...
On this game, you could build your city, go and win wars versus other citys to make it yours, and together with your alliance, win the game!

Tribal Wars: Some types as Travian but never end.. Well, all stuff that start have a end, but it take years and years untill see the winner!

Ikariam: Some type as Travian and Tribal Wars, but with better graphics and never end too...

Grepolis: Just one more like the 3 i said before, it take years to end, but it's faster then Tribal Wars and Ikariam...

These games, are just some of the games i played and recomend... It have more like OGAME, Habbo, and this, but the best for me are the ones i said....



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These are browser based games, am i correct?
the title is misleading. Although these are good games of that kind.



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I would like to add AVA (Alliance of Valiant Arms). It's a online FPS game. Great graphics, 2 updates a month, and a great community. Check it out here: http://ava.ijji.com/




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I want to add these games!

This is a space game where you buy ships and kill aliens and get new weapons by collecting minerals to sell and buy upgrades
like faster speed, be able to create mines from the minerals, shoot faster, and tons more!

-Urban Rivals
This is a card based game where can buy new character which level up each time you battle and there are more then 200+ cards!
And also more than 10 different types of clans for the cards!

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