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Announcement: Forum Posting Guidelines Posted by Nick Admin


    Lead Software Developer

  • Root Administrator Admin
  • 343 posts
Do not post content that contains any of the following. If you fail to follow these simple guidelines, you will receive a warning, severity to be determined by the moderator issuing the warning. If you accumulate 10 warnings, you will be banned, length to be determined by an administrator.

If you see any posts that contain any of the following, please report them to a moderator using the button in the bottom left corner of the offending post.

Posts containing the following may result in a warning or ban:

Irritating Posts
Bad grammar
Excessive misspellings
Using chat-speak
Excessive use of emoticons

Flaming / Trolling
Unnecessary anger or rage
Directly insulting another member
Attempting invoke negative responses from other members

Non-Constructive Posts
Multiple consecutive posts
Small posts (less than a full sentence)
Off-topic posts
Posts that do not contribute to the topic
Requesting support in the wrong forum or topic
Inquiring about staff positions
Non-English posts

Prohibited Content
Excessive profanity
Prejudiced or hateful content
Directly copying content from another site
Highly grotesque or violent content (permanent post moderation or ban)
Pornographic content (permanent post moderation or ban)

Online gambling or casino-related websites

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, or related items

Distributing, linking to, or uploading malware (permanent ban)

Solicitation / Advertising (permanent ban)
Linking to a competing site in a post, signature, private message, or profile
Solely soliciting or advertising products or service for sale from any company or individual on the forums (permission must be obtained from an administrator in advance if you are a long-time member wishing to advertise any product or service for sale)


Not abiding to orders given by staff